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Kamishibai 7 Day Challenge!

Its Red here, trying my best to spread the word about the 7 -day Kamishibai Challenge that is taking place from July 27th to August 2nd.

For the hard details you can check here: http://murderofcrows.org/kamiforum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=216

I hope many of you participate, because although I am not running the competition I want to see people take part and show off their storytelling abilities. This contest coming up as super interesting where weaving a tale is concerned because you have to make the story WITHOUT text.

Cool huh?

Now I don't want to hear that crap about "I'm not sure I can do it..."
I mean seriously, do you dream in text? When you listen to a song and have
images and such come up in your head are those scenes dependent on dialogue and text?
Or is emotion, placement, direction, body language, etc. more important?

No excuse.

Join us ^^

I am Pheonix

Kamishibai in Balance

Most you know kamishibai has been bustling as of late.

With the forums going up and activity increasing (I even made my first one-shot kamishibai of the year. A songfic of all things!) it should follow that expanding the reach of the medium would be possible.

But how to do that is a question for the kami ages.

The Atelier has a good chance of getting the word out but...weeeeelllll, keeping that sucker updated is an issue. It's not the easiest thing to just have one person updating all the time. I fear it'll be too formulaic, and while people love consistency in work I find it better when people are caught off guard by good things.

Blah. The Atelier is an issue as is Otaku World. The forums there have all but died and I think its imperative that KiSS and Kamishibai have their own separate forums and that Otaku World just link to them and have a disclaimer saying that the forums of KiSS and Kamishibai aren't the property of Otaku World and that any opinions expressed their do NOT reflect on Otaku World as a whole. Ya know?

OW still needs help and work...but I'm really not sure what to do.
I am Pheonix

Tis BAZ!!!

7th Moons Baz
by ~RedValkyrie on deviantART

Another image done by me WITHOUT A REFERENCE again! I'm so proud of me, cause it didn't come out bad at all. The more full bodied pose is better than the bust but all in all I like it a lot. Hopefully the next time I draw her she can be the super fun cheery Baz I usually picture her being.